What or Who is a GateKeeper?

A gatekeeper is simply someone who keeps the gate. In more simple terms, these are people who control access to something; A family. No big words or long sentences here. GateKeeper is really just a fancy term for the word, ‘gateman’
I remember when we were young growing up in Lagos, my family would often hire a gateman whose primary job was to open and close the gate behind every resident or visitor. As simple as their jobs seemed, they added more value by ensuring only the right people get access to the house.
A gatekeeper is someone who sees almost everything; at least, each major event to happen in the spiritual realm right before it happens here on earth.
Their primary duty is to keep the gates – which in this context relates to seeing to understand, permitting an event or interceding for a person through prayer. When your spiritual eye is open, there are certain things God will permit you to see so as to understand the reason why it happened. Other things we have a duty to intercede so as to permit or change the outcome of an event.
There are so many scriptures I can reference to support this teaching but for lack of space and time, perhaps two texts will suffice.


Psalm 127:4 – 5
4 As arrows in the hands of a mighty man, so are the children of one’s youth.
5 Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: They shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate


Amos 3:7
Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets
In other words, the Lord will not let anything happen on earth to his beloved children without first showing it to someone within a family. That someone is what I call a gatekeeper or messenger. In reference to the last line of that second scripture, gatekeepers in part have the gift of prophecy because they can see an event before it happens. They may not fully know the circumstances in which it will unfold, but they will know the outcome of an event or issue.
Let me quickly say this. What I am about to share is not necessarily for the baby Christian. Neither is it for the fainthearted. It’s for those who yearn for meat rather than milk. Those who emphatically possess on the inside implicit and unquestionable knowledge that they are the light of this world and are empowered to shine by the power of God granted through faith in Christ Jesus. On the other hand I can’t take lightly the fact that those reading this have possibly been exposed to this by the Holy Spirit to mature them up on the inside and to stand as torchbearers and gatekeepers within their families. Let’s begin by taking a look at the word “gate”
If you have been given a title or new position then a job description should duly follow. Oftentimes it seems the job itself is tied very much to the title you have received. A gatekeeper keeps the gate. We know the meaning of the term keep means to look over, protect, control access or guard jealously but what does gate itself mean?
Examples are sprinkled all through the Old Testament to show us what happens at the gate of a city and how the walls leading to that gate are jealously and heavily guarded in preparation for battle. For instance, when Nehemiah was given the honorable assignment to rebuild Jerusalem, he assigned gate keepers to keep watch night and day. This explains the duty we have to keep watch and protect our loved ones. On the other hand in times of peace, the ‘gate’ was a place for the elders to gather and deliberate on serious matters. It was like an official meeting point. The modern day cities we live in may lack physical gates surrounding the city or country but they have border control measures in place.
In like manner there are “gates” (entrances) into the lives of families – both immediate and extended. When the enemy (the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom to destroy) sees a crack; an opening he kicks the door right open to do harm. God help you at that moment if the gatekeeper in your family is lackadaisical when it comes to handling the revelation the Holy Spirit has given to him or her about what the evil one is planning. Because the Lord will reveal this thing to his servants; the gatekeepers. Dear Friends, when we combine both functions we get the full description of a Gate. In this context, gate signifies a heavily guarded place of decision making; a place where weighty spiritual matters are deliberated over (such as matters relating to life & death) and those who walk in authority can permit, stop or simply acknowledge.
A look at the first scripture Psalm 127 paints a clear picture. Verse 1 of that scripture starts by saying two very profound but similar things. “Except Jehovah builds a house, they labor in vain that build it. Except Jehovah keeps the city, the watchman (or GateKeeper) wakes but in vain.”
Here we are given the plain truth that we do not, can not and should not keep the gate of a city (or family as necessary for my context) by our own power, will or appointment. In the book of Revelations, Jesus said I am the “first and the last, the beginning and the end” – this means He sees everything in the middle (between the beginning and the end) and so we should heavily rely and place our total trust in Him for guidance. He is the one who sees it all and can divinely instruct or alert gatekeepers to an event that’s about to happen over the city (family) which we watch over. It is also the Holy Spirit who appoints gatekeepers for each family – often times this divine appointment is based on your knowledge of God’s word and the extent of your spiritual maturity and strength.

How does God reveal these things to gatekeepers?

There are a few different ways I am aware of. The first and probably the most common is through dreams. The book of Job declares in chapter 32, that “there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives it understanding.” You see, God is a Spirit so he speaks to our spirit directly. The next chapter in the same book then explains to us that God speaks through dreams, “yet men perceive it not”. Another way is through those who have the gift of the word of knowledge. The word of knowledge is specific past or present knowledge that you could not have possibly known anything about, if not revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.
He does this by nudging you in your spirit to confirm certain things; A clear picture or whisper. A vision or confirmation. Another way is through the gift of prophecy which is a revelation about events to happen in the future. The gift of discernment is yet another way. This is the ability to discern certain spirits that come into your family with an agenda – whether good or evil. The Holy Spirit gives these gifts to some gatekeepers like an antenna to pick up when something is wrong or off balance within a family. Angels are spirit-beings who bring messages from God. Some see angels or receive messages from them on who to pray for or minister to. Acts 8:26 cites an example where an angel asked Philip to go minister salvation to the Ethiopian eunuch. Death is a spirit. Those with the gift of discernment can sense when he is about to snatch a loved one so they may intercede. I know of a friend who can sense or smell the spirit of death. Another way is through appointed and anointed messengers of God formerly known as Pastors.
If you are under the covering of a true man of God, then yes, you as the gatekeeper may receive messages about other family members and the welfare of their spirit.
Spiritual Stamina developed through the knowledge of God’s word which forms the basis of the sword of the Spirit is one of the major prerequisites that determine divine appointment as to the role of GateKeepership. Another is the condition of your heart and mind. Are you hungry to see the will of God done here on earth as it is in Heaven? Remember God looks at the heart of man not physical appearance. A third determinant is love. Does the love of God flow through you? Do you have a heart to be used as an instrument of God to help others? Character is another. How mature are you to understand and handle the things that will be revealed to you? You can’t select yourself. Neither can you appoint another for this divine role.
This role is so important that even the youngest person (in relation to salvation and faith) may begin to get Revelations hinting towards the need to separate and prepare for this divine calling if he or she is the only person saved in an entire family. God needs a family member or relative to pray down the establishment of his will within the lives of each family member and to stop the spiritual bullying of those unsaved, by the devil. This is why every family desperately needs a Gatekeeper; an intercessor to stand in the gap. In fact, this role may spill over into the intercession for friends and colleagues close to you if they don’t have a spiritually sound Christian in their family. On the other hand, a gatekeeper also has to fully accept and embrace the role once you realize you have been chosen to stand guard over your family members.
In conclusion, what are the signs you have been appointed into this role?
  • Dreams or Recurring Dreams of major events that are about to happen in your family or issues brewing up in the lives of loved ones (family, friends, etc) For dreams, you will have a track record to see a confirmation of most of those dreams you had becoming a reality.
  • You have been baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. You also know the gift of the Holy Spirit that manifests through you.
  • You are spiritually sensitive and are quick to notice patterns. For instance you may notice each member of the family does not have a good job or cannot go past a certain glass ceiling in their personal development
  • While praying, pictures of certain family members keep flashing up in your mind.
  • You are motivated by love and are passionate about establishing the will of God in your family.
In my limited experience, those who are appointed to the role of gatekeepership are the ones who try their best to keep a close relationship with God in their family. It can be given to male or female, however I have noticed the role can shift from the lady back to a male within the family if the male becomes mature. Perhaps this is because women marry out and drop the last name (family name) for their spouse’s name. Once the lady gets married she is officially one with her husband and is considered a part of her new family.
Thus the honorable duty of being a gatekeeper must remain with those who bear that family name. However, i should also mention that there are examples i’ve seen where the lady who married out, was the only sound christian in her family and thus, kept on the responsibility of being a gatekeeper. Like Psalm 127:5 indicates, it is the children of the man who will “speak with the enemies at the gates”.. meaning It usually falls on the lap of a child in the next generation.
It is a child’s responsibility to ensure his Parents are not put to shame. Not in the spiritual realm where everything happens first, before it manifests in this physical world. That, in itself is a gift from God – the blessing of having your seed grow up to intercede on your behalf! While the children are still young and yet to understand this role, God’s will is to have husbands function in this capacity because they are the head of household. If the man is not spiritually sound, the responsibility will fall on the wife.
If you’ve managed to read this far then what I am saying probably makes sense to you. If it does, then this is simply a confirmation of your faith. Perhaps you are unsure but have noticed a few signs/indications you are appointed to this role? If you are in that position and would like to fully embrace this honor, you may repeat this short prayer:
Heavenly Father I thank you for the gift you have deposited in my life. I thank you for the honor to function in the capacity of a gatekeeper in my family. I fully accept your will and I receive the power to lead a pure lifestyle in light of the grace and calling on my life. I ask that you open my spiritual eye and ear to see and hear what the Holy Spirit has to say to me. Grant a clear understanding to the dreams and the revelation knowledge I will be exposed to about my family’s past history, present or future. I humbly ask that your Holy Spirit activate one of His gifts in my life today, so that I may function with clarity of knowledge, wisdom and understanding this role requires. Thank you for answered prayers for In Jesus Name I’ve prayed. Amen
Thanks for reading.