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The Tribes Mentoring Program is an initiative of Luvanex foundation, providing mentors to budding entrepreneurs to promote marketplace ministers who succeed in doing business the right way.

The goal is to support entrepreneurs to help them reach their full potential and display integrity, mutuality, patience, authenticity, collaboration, and trust with who deals business with them.

Any Tribes member who is an entrepreneur, has been in business for over 5years and has excelled at it.

A budding entrepreneur who is an Tribes member and active in a BNF group.

Mentors often gain personal gratification through assisting new and upcoming entrepreneurs. Mentors help build mentees outside of the classroom and ease discussions on difficult entrepreneurial issues.

Mentees often express that mentor are an invaluable resource. Studies also show that entrepreneurs with mentors, positively adjust to entrepreneurship and are more likely to succeed and have greater satisfaction with their start-up journey and experience, increase their worth and perceived confidence in their ability, and fare better than others who lack mentoring connections.

Mentors are paired accordingly to profiles that have been reviewed. The Mentoring program staff identifies points of correlation between applicants to best match areas of support that mentors can provide to each mentee. Mentors are selected to provide mentees with the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship that promotes personal and business growth, that may potentially continue beyond the time span of the program.

Join the Tribes team by clicking here. The program runs for 8 weeks 5 times a year.

Minimally, we ask for all participants to:

  • Commit to 8 weeks of online meetings which hold once a week for 1hr30mins only.
  • May meet mentor/mentee two (2) times a year based on mentor’s availability.
  • Attend events as available.
  • Address any concerns regarding your match.
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